Decorating With Color From Art

How many times have you sat and wondered, will these colors work together? What should my color scheme be and why doesn’t this room make me feel good? How overwhelming is it for you to have to make paint choices? Fabrics, flooring and furniture selections become a challenge if you are not comfortable with the very first decision that you have to make… the choice of color. The answer is very simple…it lies within the beauty that is all around us. Observing the opening of a single rosebud is an extraordinary event; now, there are many colors of which you could choose from the rose. One of those pleasing colors that makes you happy could become the beautiful color of your dining room. Look at those daffodils with their beautiful tones ranging from golden to buttercream. That color could be paired with a beautiful coral or red from the rose to become your living room. The beautiful green leaves of nature could give you endless choices to add to your color scheme. Soften these hues with an addition of cream. Get the message? Beauty holds the world together and fulfills a need in our souls. The colors that you are drawn to should help you begin a color palette for your home. It is the foundation that you build upon to create the house as a whole. Today’s post gives you an idea of how these colors can be used in harmony together. When I have achieved harmony in my design, my overall feeling is a sense of calm. Creating calm through creating harmonious interiors is key to my world and my work. In the fast paced world we live in today, one cannot always achieve calmness; however, in our homes, we surely can, and should. I have embellished the look of harmony by adding a pair of hand painted wall sconces painted with our colors of golds and yellows. Atop them sits a pair of Oriental Emperors, which gives the Asian influence I always try to impart in every room I decorate, in some small way. Notice how all our colors flow calmly together, which is an integral part of creating this well balanced wall decoration. This deep connection between beauty and the observation of it has created a beautiful and meaningful life for me. It has given me a wonderful career of which I love. Underneath all the pretty “stuff” in the work I design is a solid and grounded belief that beauty is a positive force…just look outside now that spring is here and you will believe me! Now start that spring cleaning and decorating before Easter girls!!!

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