A View from the Gallery

Modern Meets Classic

October 15th, 2015

In this second look at our Florida project, we share the living room, where modern meets classic. (See the first look here!) This couple wanted to mix bold patterns and contemporary pieces with classic antiques, and Dianne knew just what to do!

She started with a classic couch in a neutral pattern. The nailheads add a modern touch and the pillows lend a traditional feel. The neutral color allows for this timeless couch to work as the couple’s taste evolves. The pillows can be replaced with bright, bold patters or with neutrals…the options are endless.

Dianne added classic Louis XVI Bergeres for additional seating. The style of these chairs is always in style, but the bold print makes them fun and adds interest to the room.

The tables range from timeless marble-top pieces to a contemporary gold & antiqued mirror side table. The simplicity of the gold side table allows for a different color without overwhelming the space, and the geometric shape echoes the pattern in the chair.

An easy way to bring a classic feel into a room is with a traditional rug. Dianne paired it with beautiful lamps that tie in the red of the rug.

And of course no room is complete without accessories! Figurines and fresh flowers make a room feel lived in and welcoming.




Couch: Here

Bergeres: Here and Here

Rug: Here

Side tables: Here and Here

Art: Here, Here, Here, and Here

Trend Alert: Mixing Chairs

September 25th, 2015

We just finished a whirlwind 2-week install of a Florida home! In this dining room, we mixed traditional dining chairs with a gorgeous settee. The combination of classic, antique pieces makes for a modern look.

The large Trumeau mirror over the sideboard gives the room depth, while the ikat curtains create interest.

Of course, no room is complete without accessories. On top of the sideboard, we just a mirrored tray. The flowers brighten up the room, but you could also place wine glasses or appetizers on it when entertaining. The bird statues fill up space to the right and adds height to the decor.

On the table, we chose glass vessels and candles of varying height. With the bright colors and pattern in the rest of the room, the glass doesn’t distract.


Get the look!

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5 Ways to Refresh a Room

April 28th, 2015

I love the idea of refreshing your home with new decorating ideas, giving them a lift as the new year begins and breathing new life into a space. But you can’t always buy new furniture or create an entirely new layout for a room, especially when it’s small. However, there are innumerable ways to refresh the feel of a space with a few key adjustments. Here are some of my favorite decorating ways to refresh a room and create good flow:


Adding a mirror to a room is a great way to open up a space that may feel small or dark. Mirrored surfaces reflect light, and that reflection creates the illusion of more depth. This means a brighter space that feels larger! For a smaller wall, a round mirror with a detailed frame is a perfect option. But if you have the wall space, a gallery mirror is just the thing to really open up a room!

Area Rugs

A new rug is a perfect way to refresh a room! Rugs have a natural way of giving framework to the space they’re in, and all the more-so when it’s a large area rug. They offer an anchoring point for furniture, adding more definition for decorating; they section off areas of the floor to create a natural order. This definition not only helps during the actual decorating or rearranging process, but once complete, our eyes read that change in material or color as a boundary, defining areas as separate spaces. Using patterns and colors in a rug can be another anchor, influencing the room’s overall color palette.

Romance Furniture

This mirror acts as a focal point as well as creates the illusion of a larger space.

Focal Points

Establishing a focal point within a seating area is a great way to give structure to a room. Fireplaces or TVs are perfect points to focus on and around which to create a gathering place –but be sure to choose just one! This gives the eye a place to settle, relaxing one’s gaze rather than causing it to jump around the room. This also helps direct the flow of the room, as seating and other furniture can be arranged around this point, simplifying the decorating process, and allowing ease of movement.

Clear Entryways

Tidy up your home, beginning with the front door, in! Creating a smooth and clear entryway translates into good energy flow throughout your interior. A principle of Feng Shui, it creates a precedence of serenity from the moment you walk into your house, clearing the mind and allowing you to take a moment to pause and relax when you enter your home. When an entryway is clear it peacefully moves you into the rest of your home and encourages clean, clutter-free spaces throughout the resulting rooms.

2013-04-15 16.38.49

The couch and walls are in the same color palette, opening up the room and allowing the pillows and other accent pieces to shine.

What are some of your favorite ways to refresh a room?

A Christmas Tablescape

December 19th, 2014

Christmas Tablescape

There’s nothing like designing a beautiful Christmas tablescape. From your best china to favorite silver pieces to delicate linens to festive florals, all of these elements come together to create a special place to gather loved ones. These items not only look beautiful paired together, but they also bring back memories of Christmases before. There’s truly nothing like it.

Christmas Tablescape place setting

I love adding a festive touch to each place setting. An antique crystal vessel filled with bright, red cranberries set atop the plates simply sets the mood.

Christmas Tablescape Chair Detail

For a holiday addition to a beautiful antique chair, secure a small boxwood wreath to the back of it. The pop of green against the wood will immediately set the scene as guests enter your dining room.

Christmas Tablescape Flowers

Fresh flowers are an essential element to the Christmas tablescape. With beautiful red tulips spilling over greenery and red berries, this arrangement gives height to the table. Small gold and silver Christmas items placed at the base of the vessel add interest. The crystal wine glasses, red flowers, and the red in the china add a punch of color.

Trend Alert: Animal Print

November 20th, 2014

animal printThat splash of exotic pattern that weaves into any decor exuding a cozy sense of luxury, an appreciation for glamour, and, invariably, a more genuine look overall because everything is not from the same region or genre…it is all about the mix, and not following any set of rules…except your own.

This fall, take a walk on the wild side! Animal prints are all the rage both in apparel and decor. Cheetah prints are the new neutral palate. Though it is the hot trend now, the truth of the matter is that it never goes out of style. From a subtle leopard print chair to a bold zebra print throw pillow, or rug…an animal print adds character to timeless pieces of furniture.

Louis XV ChairsThese Louis XVI chairs have a classic shape that pairs perfectly with the traditional leopard print they are upholstered in. Add them to a living room as pull up chairs, in a bedroom on either side of a table and they will become the statement piece that can change the entire space.

Another way to embrace the trend is with using a natural hide. The craze of late is using light colored cowhides. You see them as rugs, pillows and used as upholstery. Our Louis XVI Brazilian Cowhide Settee perfectly pairs the feminine feel of the gilded wood with the masculine cowhide. This piece is perfect for any office, sitting room or any space that you want to create a “Wow” factor within. The options for animal prints are endless!

Louis XVI Cowhide Settee
For a subtle, easy approach to incorporating an animal print into your decor without adding a piece of furniture or a rug, opt for a beautiful pillow. This pillow or that pillow adds a pop against our Traditional Sofa, or they could do the same on a bed or chair.

Try to incorporate something from the animal print trend and see your home transform into a high-design setting.

6 Simple Ways to Update a Room

July 24th, 2014

10156127_677774778952584_1270278758_nYou’ve made your investment in gorgeous antique pieces. A timeless Chippendale sofa or an elegant Louis XVI commode…but sometimes you want to refresh your room. Giving a den or living room a new looks doesn’t mean that you have to buy new furniture. These 6 easy ways to update a room will do the trick!

1. Pillows

Throw pillows are an easy fix for any room! if you keep a traditional feel but want to branch out, a bold printed pillow allows you to make a change without making a huge financial commitment. For a different twist on decorating, add bright pops of color using graphic designs or patterns. Either way, you can change the entire mood of an area using different pillows, as well as changing the mood for the season!

2. Coffee Table Redo

If your den or living room needs a subtle change, try redoing your coffee table. First, change the table for a large ottoman with nailheads, or two “X” benches with the same. Invest in gorgeous books, placing a beautiful colored glass bowl on top. Place souvenirs in the bowl from vacations, reminding you of happy times. Add a tray as well to add a safe place for beverages.There are myriad book options that will provide inspiration by relaxing on a cozy sofa.

3. Lamps

Lamps can easily be swapped out for an instant revamp to side tables. The rage now is for Gourd lamps…which were very popular fifty years ago. Flea markets, estate sales and auctions may be the lesser expensive venue for purchasing these lamps.You can also find lamps in any shape, size or color imaginable these days. Be creative and try a pop of color with lamps too.

480266_496797177050346_846773975_n4. Artwork

Artwork is the easiest way to add color and set the mood of any room. Larger pieces of art can be surrounded by smaller pieces, creating a gallery effect. Sconces and accessories can be used juxtaposed to art as well. For a less expensive approach, enlarge your own photography and use mats to dress them up…then add an elegant frame; this personalizes your work. Use wallpaper; add a mat here as well, and cluster a grouping of four for an elegant look…or use leftover fabric from a project.

5. Walls

Want wallpaper and do not want to make the investment? Completely change the feel of any room by using stencils to create your own design. Use a neutral color and stencil with a color…or vice versa. Either way, you have changed the entire area with a very inexpensive approach to design.

6. Mantle

Change your mantle by clustering vessels of various sizes and shapes. Mercury glass vases look beautiful during the holidays; sea glass gives a calm effect during the summer; milk glass adds a nostalgic touch in a casual setting. Antique stores, home stores or your own attic are places you may find these objects. You can also add greenery or flowers to the vessels, depending upon your mood, and the season.

The Test of Time

November 13th, 2013

This beautiful Louis XVI Settee has been recovered in an ikat fabric that perfectly marries contemporary style with a classic shape.

One of my favorite aspects of antiques is their timeless quality. The word “antique” inherently indicates that whatever object it is describing is old, but I love that each pieces comes with its own unique history. Refinished, recovered, restored, or still in the original form, antiques almost have a romantic air about them that is tied to their past. A gorgeous armoire that began its life in a French chateau years and years ago could now be used in your bedroom.

The bones of antique pieces are what allow the pieces to stand the test of time. Classic details lend to the ever-changing interior trends. A chair that began with a pattern in the 1920s may have been then recovered in the oh-so-trendy harvest gold of the 1960s. Today, this same chair may boast a contemporary chevron patterned fabric.

Today we feature this Louis XVI Settee. It has been recovered in a beautiful cream and peach ikat fabric that is on trend with the style today. However, the timeless style makes this piece investment worthy. In 10, 20, 30 years, this piece will still be perfect for any décor – you would simply recover it if your style evolves. As you plan a room, be sure to keep in mind the classic and timeless shapes that allow them to remain forever in style.


Classic and Cozy

November 8th, 2013


ChaiseSome rooms have a certain magic about them. They summon you, and make you want to sit and stay awhile. Add a comfortable chaise lounge to that room, and it immediately says to you…come, relax, and enjoy this space. Pour yourself a cup of hot tea, grab your favorite book, and start enjoying the sanctuary you have created.

Today we are featuring our gorgeous Chippendale Chaise Lounge with a beautiful gold brocade fabric. The elegant details in the gilded ball and claw feet mixed with the classic shape add to the splendor of this timeless piece. England meets France as we nestle our Louis XVI Marble Top Table alongside it. Behind, we continue our friendship with an ornately carved French mirror placed above our Sheraton Inlaid Demilune Console. Our Bronze Ram’s Head Lamp adds that industrial element of metal to our décor. Notice the Asian influence in the dragon accent pillow, which lends a pop of color. From color to scale to surface to texture…it just works. When a room combined with luxury and practicality speaks the same language, it will call your name.

Modern Twist on Country French Dining Room

May 2nd, 2013

As one can tell by reading my blogs, I am a hunter, gatherer, collector and a stylist. I see the world in composition…seems I have been this way since I was a child. The ability to create something out of nothing has been a natural gift that I have been blessed with! I love sharing my ideas with you, and today, I am sharing how items you already own mixed with a variety of pieces can create an arrangement that will reflect your personality and style.
We have put together another fabulous French Country dining room using many different elements and countries of origin. The star of our show is our gorgeous Pine Breakfront filled to the brim with an accumulation of antique porcelain and ceramic collectables. Topping our breakfront we have an exquisite French Street Scene Painting in an ornate gold gilded frame; flanking on either side are the ever so popular blue and white porcelain urns. Remember, blue and white never, ever goes out of style and makes a statement in any setting. Our choice of color comes from our salmon, blue, green and cream rug. The selection of our Imari porcelain ginger jars and plates melds well with the rug and blue and white items creating a harmonious fluidity of colors. Add the green French marble top table from the Basque region of France, and this dining room now comes to life. The Louis XV host and hostess chairs are paired with our simple Swedish side chairs, illustrating how dignified combined with simple creates a well balanced and evenly matched setting.
Found on a treasure hunt, the antique copper tea urn used as our centerpiece explains how effortless creativity can be. Using vessels you already own as vases adds an unexpected and attention-grabbing element to any arrangement. Stacked upon a wrought iron stand I had stashed away, I gained the height needed for our magnificent flower arrangement. Our antique brass and porcelain cranes not only add panache to our table, but they continue our melodious flow of color.
The things we buy and collect throughout our lives and how we choose to use them by incorporating them into our décor speaks volumes about ourselves to the world. The décor and styles we choose give people a glimpse of who we are. Our collectables become metaphors of our lives, speaking for us before we open our mouths. So  bring forth all your treasures, share them with your friends and family and open yourself up to the world!

A Fabulous French Salon

April 30th, 2013

We call this room our salon because we think it offers an atmosphere for good conversation. Some people may refer to it as a drawing room. Whatever you decide to call it, this room is a place for gathering family and friends, a welcoming place for all who enter. Regular followers of our Facebook posts know we love the French; since the French created the idea of the salon, we naturally are drawn to it. Many centuries ago, before the United States was even a thought, intellectuals in France gathered in the drawing room of an individual’s home to discuss ideas, politics, and art. That’s why we have filled it with lovely pieces that invite visitors to sit and visit, to talk – and to listen – to each other.

We also love Elsie de Wolfe; while she probably would have covered the furniture in pink, we chose a soft coral. Hospitable seating abounds in this room with a Chinese Chippendale mahogany sofa that begs you to sit a while, a pair of Louis XVI bergeres that enfold you, and a Louis XVI daybed that encourages relaxation. Add a French commode and a French end table, both with marble tops, and the space is ready for conversation. As usual, we have added a bit of contemporary flair with a hide and hair ottoman used as our coffee table. A fragment placed atop it serves as a rustic spot on which to set a refined silver tea service. On the wall, we have original oil paintings and some of our favorite pieces of blue-and-white porcelain. The needlepoint and Aubusson pillows invite you to hug them as you enjoy the discourse. Our room urges you to touch, to linger, to think. After all, when you think, you have something to talk about.