Using Asian Accents to Embellish Decorating

Making the connections between form and color is one of the great joys of working with my eyes I get to experience on a daily basis. When designing and putting together rooms, these collaborations are often planned, but I like them best when  they catch me by surprise! Connections are important when creating great designs; in addition, they also point to what is already there and how things can work together.

While sitting anywhere waiting, instead of getting into a tizzy about why my time is being wasted, rather, I absorb my environment as if I were a sponge. I might see something spiral and get the inspiration to use something columnar, with a twist. Out of the corner of my eye I might catch sight of a beautiful flower in the sun and say ah-ha…”Yep, that is exactly the color I have been wanting to use.” Colors and shapes entice me daily — anytime, anywhere.

And shapes, oh my goodness! Without a plethora of them, design really would not matter and it certainly would not be very interesting. Shape is really what everything comes down to — the shape of things which you create within your design.When shape has integrity of form that is meaningful to me, it captures my attention. Discovering the connections and interconnections between shapes is very intriguing when putting any room together, and it should be the next step when decorating after you have selected a color scheme. If you are using a square chest, it is much more interesting to change the shape of what you hang over it rather than pair it with a piece of the same shape. For example, a mirror with a curve or carving would add more interest to the setting.

And as we all know, color is how I have always cataloged the world! Without it, I simply could not go on! We have light and dark, warm and cool, pale and paler. My fan deck would be a million shades of a few colors  ranging from bright, brighter to brightest! Remember, color stirs emotion, sets the mood, and captures the attention of any given audience, whether it is your  home, your attire, or really…whatever.

Today we are showing on our post color and shape; our beautiful damask deep coral background sets the stage for this unique “Chinese waterbottle.”  We have delved deep into Asian history by showing how their ancient people kept water, and how creative, in every stretch of the imagination, they were and always will be. Keeping a firm hold on this beautiful jug is our heavily carved mahogany French wall sconce. Together, these two pieces show us how intricate form and detail alongside simple rounded shape work impeccably well together.  Add a rainbow of color to this and you have extracted the essence of beauty, and voila, here is this classic wall decoration that would make anyone give it a second glance! That is what we are striving for girls…you know what I am saying!!!

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