Mixing Styles and Eras to Decorate

In the fickle world of design where things come and go, one cannot put a period, a particular setting or any given decor that our two legged, feathered friends cannot “fly” into. Birds have been around since the beginning…and as far as I can see in decorating, they have been, and are here to stay. When tastefully decorating, I really think of Town and Country as the best mix of both worlds. By mixing elements that are somewhat modern, always sophisticated, and somewhat whimsical, to a degree, you can create a setting that has unique flavor and flair. Today’s post features a pair of antique brass and porcelain cranes that are very large in scale, and would work perfectly in the right setting, whether it be large or small. Most people are afraid of scale, not understanding their reluctance to putting big pieces of furniture in a small room, or putting larger accessories on a smaller piece of furniture in any size room. Often times I will choose a large scale piece of furniture and balance it with other smaller objects in a small room. It is called the “magnet” piece in the room, which each room needs. All the furniture cannot be the same height; if so, the room becomes less interesting to the eye. The general rule is, the bolder the scale, the more interesting the room. Our cranes featured today are standing tall at 30 inches and give us the town look. We have them accessorized with an Italian urn with artichokes and live, preserved boxwood balls to add the country charm needed to complete our look. The French tea cart they are sitting on certainly is not large in scale; however, where I have it placed in the gallery beside a towering 9 foot buffet-a-deux-corps, which is a two part French cabinet, the scale of the cart and birds is perfect. We have infused France and Italy today; they are known for creating artful, elegant interiors with the aura of romance and glamour. We like to emulate that look here at the gallery. Our take away today is to try new things, trust your instincts, and put some big, bold accessories in your decor. It will surely get attention, and what woman doesn’t like attention?

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