It’s time to think about change

Our Louis XVI-style settee draws fresh energy from a mix of four coordinating fabrics in sunflower, butter and, and gray tones. A black-and-gold lamp tops a Louis XVI-style, marble-topped side table, c. 1900.

A new year. A new perspective. A new look.

Spend the dull days of January and February walking through each room of your home, taking stock of each piece of furniture, each rug, each lamp. What color are the walls? What do you love, really love? What can you live without?

Be honest. Be critical. After all, this is your home, your sanctuary — and you want it to look, and feel, its best. As you evaluate each room, consider simple changes that can make a big difference. Look at the decorating trends, and incorporate the things you love.

Here are some of the trends we like:

— Reuse, repurpose, recycle. Add a piece of iron — in a lamp base, for example — to your decor to incorporate the industrial look. An antique armoire finds new life as it houses your TV or displays your china.

— Celebrate nature with framed botanicals, bird prints, and natural fibers.

— Add European romance with carved furniture and distressed finishes.

Painted birds adorn an Asian three-panel metalllic screen above this intricately carved, Louis XVI-style bleached four-drawer oak commode, c. 1860.

— When displaying art, think big. Use one large piece or a grouping of many smaller ones, using black-and-white photography or drawings, or colorful modern art.

— Lighten up. Add a piece of bleached furniture. Try a metallic finish on a piece to give it pizazz.

— Use grays and other neutrals as your decorating base. Add a pop of color with textiles — yellow, indigo, grass green, or orange — either in textured solids or oversized prints.

Remember, do not skimp on any room. Give each one equal attention. After all, this is your sanctuary.

NOTE: The photos shown here simply offer an example of how you can combine fabrics and wallpapers in complementary colors to create a balanced and beautiful room. 




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  1. Meillet says:

    I just came across your blog, it’s great.. I’ll sure be chekcing it up more often those wall decors by the way are really really cool, specially the fist one I’m an illustrator/painter myself so I tend to hang every single drawing I make If you find any of your interest on my blog (under drawing room button) I’ll be happy to give it to you as a gift for your new home stay cool

  2. says:

    Thanks so much for your kind words! We look forward to seeing a drawing!

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