Enjoy the Garden District wherever you call home.

Think Paris in the 1830’s – or 1930’s, for that matter. If that’s a bit too far away, think New Orleans at any time. The exquisite attention to detail – from a massive antique Chinese Chippendale mirror to a simple scalloped lampshade finished with fringe – the look is chic. The look is elegant. The look is “Garden District.”
The mirror serves more than its utilitarian purpose in this setting. It hangs as a major style element with its gold gilt and its fretwork – that intricate pattern of scrolls that surround the reflective glass.
With such a distinctive piece hanging above, an equally distinctive piece must stand below to achieve balance. This solid oak French sideboard, circa 1880, features plenty of carving to hold its own with the heavily embellished mirror.
The midsection of this vignette ties the two anchors together. With so much frou-frou elsewhere, simplicity reigns in the middle. Two urn-shaped lamps with the fringed shades, add height to either end of the sideboard. Two 1895-era antique French urns, each bearing the carved image of a Roman soldier, stand next to the lamps. A simple box set atop a couple of books completes the arrangement. It’s simple and symmetrical.
Gold frames complement the black-and-white etchings and serve as a transition from mirror to sideboard. The etchings, which depict romantic garden scenes, are from 1880-era publications.
Try this look in a dining room, a foyer, a hallway. Try it in a living room or den. Modify it for a guest room. Downsize it. Upsize it. Wherever you use the “Garden District” look, you’ll find it fitting with its fringe and fretwork.

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