Enjoy a meal, a la French Country

We've upholstered lightly gilded chairs in nubby burlap and set them around a Sheraton mahogany dining table. A grouping of framed botanicals and bird tapestries hangs above our oak Louis XV-style enfilade with a parquet top, c. 1895. To the left stands a French country buffet a deux corps in solid walnut, c. 1880.

One of the reasons we love French Country style so much is due to its casual elegance.

Nothing looks or feels like it’s brand new, even if it just came off a showroom floor. It’s comfortable, and it’s anything but fussy.

That’s why a French Country dining room works so well. You and your guests can feel comfortable sitting at a table topped with burlap and crystal. The juxtaposition of the rough and smooth, the rustic and refined works. We can enjoy a formal, multicourse meal at such a table and never once feel nervous that we may be using the wrong fork.

When setting the table, don’t worry so much about whether all the dishes and flatware match in terms of pattern. It’s imperative that the items are of good quality, however. Use estate silver or silverplate and heirloom china for that comfortable, carefree look.

For a table that’s distinctly French, cover the food with a cloche and add pots of herbs to the setting. Be sure to keep pitchers of wine and water ready for refills.

The key is to make everything from the food to the room setting effortless. Both you and your guests will enjoy your time together.


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