Creating A Classic English Tablescape

Defining classic English style is not always an easy task. As with all things traditionally English, words like ‘good quality’, ‘understated’ and ‘timeless’ pop into my mind. During the first half of the 18th century when grand homes of Europe were typically flooded with gilded wood and rococo swirls, the trend in England was one of simple elegance. Symmetry and balance were seen everywhere, as were solid colors with schemes of a subtle blend of richness combined with faded colors. Don’t get me wrong, bright, bold colors were used generously in large, stately rooms, and as always, color was a personal choice then as it is today. However, English décor is a little less fussy than French.

In the gallery today we have arranged a beautiful table focusing on two antique English urns with garden scenes and spring flowers to serve as our centerpiece.  Notice that we have selected antiqued gold placemats, green water goblets and ruby red wines to mix with our English Royal Albert china. We always focus on the flow of our colors, as well as balance and symmetry. The centerpiece, combined with the other elements, creates the continuity of color. The greens, reds, golds, and yellows of our selection flow from one element to the next forming a unity of color which always amplifies the impact of any setting.

Our yellow flowers leap out of the vase to seize your attention, providing the “wow factor” that every table needs. What a wonderful way to say “hello” to spring by bringing a touch of the outdoors inside your home. Flowers are the finishing touch that seems to make everything else come to life!

The use of pairs on this table is one of the easiest ways to introduce more elements into an effective tablescape. Pairs can enhance any piece of furniture if properly placed in balance with the surroundings. Remember, there is no particular formula to creating a successful tablescape. The most difficult task is deciding what accessories on hand to use. Trust your eye…a tablescape that really works should add depth and interest to the furniture they embellish. You are creating a piece of art as you pull your table together with all the things you love thereby allowing people to see a glimpse of your personality and style. So make your spring table something fresh and exciting; it will certainly brighten your day!


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