A Passion For French Decorating; Layering our Collections

The definition of romance is a love affair, and as with any romance, there must be passion. Here at the gallery, I am passionate about things that have been loved before, and, shows its history. When I am on buying trips, I never really know what I am looking for, only to find that whatever I buy has to speak to me. One should use that same philosophy of something speaking to you before purchasing it. It should be as if the object chooses you rather than you the object. This is what evokes the romance of collecting, and that’s what makes the difference between merely decorating a house, but instead, creating a home. My own love affair with the romantic French style is evident from all the objects and pieces of furniture I’ve collected for my own home, as well as the gallery, over the years. The French style of decorating is much like my own concept: more is better. The French have mastered the art of creating their own unique look. It is very simple and all it requires is layering. Yes, that is it, just simple layering; kind of like the bird spends endless hours creating its precious nest. All sorts of elements with different textures are used in settings, however, sturdiness and comfort are most vital. On our post we are featuring a Louis Philippe marble topped commode, which has less ornamentation and a more straight lined appearance than others we have shown. We have paired it with a more modern, metal circular mirror and softened the look with a pair of black and gold lamps with French shield linen shades. Our traditional cachepot, with antique brass overlay, holds a wispy touch of the outdoors with our air fern. The total look is a mixture of traditional and modern that, if you take notice, balance each other well. Accessories are key in completing any look, and we have achieved our goal here by using the right blend with unifying colors. Most Americans tend to tuck clutter out of sight; the French prefer to bring it all out, much like I do here at the gallery. Hey girls, if you’ve got it, bring it all out for the world to see, and I guarantee you will enjoy seeing what you can create!

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