6 Simple Ways to Update a Room

10156127_677774778952584_1270278758_nYou’ve made your investment in gorgeous antique pieces. A timeless Chippendale sofa or an elegant Louis XVI commode…but sometimes you want to refresh your room. Giving a den or living room a new looks doesn’t mean that you have to buy new furniture. These 6 easy ways to update a room will do the trick!

1. Pillows

Throw pillows are an easy fix for any room! if you keep a traditional feel but want to branch out, a bold printed pillow allows you to make a change without making a huge financial commitment. For a different twist on decorating, add bright pops of color using graphic designs or patterns. Either way, you can change the entire mood of an area using different pillows, as well as changing the mood for the season!

2. Coffee Table Redo

If your den or living room needs a subtle change, try redoing your coffee table. First, change the table for a large ottoman with nailheads, or two “X” benches with the same. Invest in gorgeous books, placing a beautiful colored glass bowl on top. Place souvenirs in the bowl from vacations, reminding you of happy times. Add a tray as well to add a safe place for beverages.There are myriad book options that will provide inspiration by relaxing on a cozy sofa.

3. Lamps

Lamps can easily be swapped out for an instant revamp to side tables. The rage now is for Gourd lamps…which were very popular fifty years ago. Flea markets, estate sales and auctions may be the lesser expensive venue for purchasing these lamps.You can also find lamps in any shape, size or color imaginable these days. Be creative and try a pop of color with lamps too.

480266_496797177050346_846773975_n4. Artwork

Artwork is the easiest way to add color and set the mood of any room. Larger pieces of art can be surrounded by smaller pieces, creating a gallery effect. Sconces and accessories can be used juxtaposed to art as well. For a less expensive approach, enlarge your own photography and use mats to dress them up…then add an elegant frame; this personalizes your work. Use wallpaper; add a mat here as well, and cluster a grouping of four for an elegant look…or use leftover fabric from a project.

5. Walls

Want wallpaper and do not want to make the investment? Completely change the feel of any room by using stencils to create your own design. Use a neutral color and stencil with a color…or vice versa. Either way, you have changed the entire area with a very inexpensive approach to design.

6. Mantle

Change your mantle by clustering vessels of various sizes and shapes. Mercury glass vases look beautiful during the holidays; sea glass gives a calm effect during the summer; milk glass adds a nostalgic touch in a casual setting. Antique stores, home stores or your own attic are places you may find these objects. You can also add greenery or flowers to the vessels, depending upon your mood, and the season.

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